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Dr. Wanda Półtawska sharing her story at the Medical Review Auschwitz — Krakow, Poland

A special guest of this event was 96-year-old Dr. Wanda Półtawska, who testified as a young girl scout from Lublin on her experience in the Ravensbrück camp. She was in the first group of women subjected to pseudo-medical experiments. She said that for years she had fought for the knowledge of these crimes to see the light of day. She discussed how all doctors should know the history of Ravensbrück because it is a history of doctors’ disgrace.

“When learning medicine, they should know what they are allowed and what they are not allowed to.” This was a strong message…

Basia Najarro Skudrzyk

Highly seasoned executive coach, business director, author, musician; with a marketing, organizational behavior and international public relations background.

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